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“Before the World ends in 2012 we must have as many different experiences as possible. Live on the edge,” she said.

Really! And what if the world doesn’t end?

“Well! there will be all these memories for those mundane coming years.”

Ok, I am game! Wait, first, let’s make a few things clear. Any gay experiences will only be the ones that refer to the actual meaning of the word.

Eyeing me weirdly, she said, “That’s sad.” Glad I got that out of the way.

“Let’s lose some weight. One kilo. In one week.”

Didn’t someone once say you can never be too rich or too thin?

So how much weight are we talking here? “One kilo.”

“Only.” I was incredulous.“In one week.”

That’s a challenge I could live with. This was going to be a cakewalk, boiled vegetables for a week and the prize in my pocket.

And then the Universe laughed. Nay, roared with laughter.

One get-together lunch and two birthday party dinners, all in one week! The same week as the diet!

My diet was out for a toss already. The calorie overload seemed as insurmountable as trying to catch a train that has just left the station. I had lost the challenge even before I had begun.

And.So. I. Stopped. Thinking. About. Dieting.

I ate when I was hungry and stopped eating when I felt three-quarters full.

Drank lots of water. Devoured self-development podcasts while walking (good shoes, good roads and good ear-phones mandatory).

Danced heartily at a dear friend’s birthday party (mark of a true friend: they don’t consider it a personal insult if you don’t eat their birthday cake).

And when Day 7 dawned, I stepped on the weighing scale.

The needle swung crazily to the right of the double zero mark and then swung drunkenly between my weight of last week and the number to its left. (Was it being nasty? Pfttt! Machines are not emotionally intelligent!)

And then it finally stopped one place to the left.

Yes! I had done it! Lost one kg in a week!

One challenge down, yet another experience gained, many more thrilling ones to be had.

Moral of this story: Be sneaky with the Universe. Don’t challenge the Universe with your intentions. Just state them in a matter-of-fact manner as if they have already been accomplished. “It is day 7 of my new eating habit and I am thrilled I am 1kg lighter.”

It works. It worked for me.

Have you ever tried losing 1 kg in a week?


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  1. Yes, it works:)

  2. Doesn’t it, now? Glad you feel that way, Rahul :)) Am guessing your experience has been positive, too.

  3. Naah it does not work and esp wen u hav as many interesting parties as u declared them to be!!!
    But it doesn’t matter…one day the scale will tip to left 🙂

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