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The idea of trying the untried seems to have gripped me with ‘weighty’ fervour, so this week, I continue on the same path – of weightloss – albeit poetically (first time ever!! No, not weightloss, poetry)

Comments most welcome 🙂


Said an overweight vixen, weighing

herself on the scale,

“I seriously need to be a-dieting,

else my heart is sure to fail.”


Then she took a leg of mutton

and chewed it pensively,

Thinking of her meager diet,

wondering, if she wanted to take it seriously.


But, her husband and children were after her

to make her lose weight.

They said, “It will make you feel better

and even improve your gait.”


She loved them and so

she gave in to their demands.

The diet said to eat every two hours and

even when not hungry, she followed all the commands.


Fruits were absolutely forbidden

She was diabetic, you see.

“Oh my God,” the vixen cried,

“Poor hungry me, poor hungry me.”


And then she saw the luscious grapes.

Red and juicy and ripe.

They were just out of her reach,

that was her only gripe.


She jumped and jumped

and then jumped some more.

But nary could she touch the grapes,

even though her feet were very sore.


“Ha, ha, so near, yet so far,”

laughingly, said the sparrow.

She had been watching the vixen’s antics

and was amused by her sorrow.


Pretending to misunderstand the Chirpy One,

the vixen didn’t allow her pride to fall.

“I was just doing my cardio,” she said

“Fruits are not allowed in my diet, I recall.”


Her crest-fallen words were received with

hoots of malicious laughter.

The sparrow tweeted, “Grapes are sour, grapes are sour,”

The words rang in the vixen’s mind, ever after.




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8 thoughts on “GRAPES ARE SOUR

  1. blogwatig on said:

    Loved it the first time I heard it : )

  2. Bahut bahut dhanyawaad, Blogwati G!:))

  3. Two observations:-

    1) Its not eleven page long though I can consider patience of ur vixen in favour of world peace 😛

    2) Hilarious!! Totally loved it

    • Glad you loved it, Laxmi :)), this impromptu poem of mine, written as a last-minute homework, 10 minutes before my writer’s group meeting.

      And this is NOT the eleven-pages one, that’s ‘for my eyes only.’ :))))

  4. vanita on said:

    “grapes are sour” a fact put across in a very cute n hilarious way…..

  5. Can I pass the term ‘cute’ for this funny little poem? I felt like I was a kid again, reciting poetry in my classroom. Okay, I’ll say it – How Cuuuuute! 🙂

  6. Thank you for your cuuuuute comment, Vaishali :)) And yes, I did hear some talks too, of this being incorporated in ‘Poetry for smart kids.’ ;)))

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