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Before Twitter reached the powerful state of being where misdemeanors could be exposed via tweets and explanations offered, it was a novelty to describe your daily doings to the world, within 140 characters.
This is a tongue-firmly-in-cheek peek at a houseworkphobe’s (sometimes referred to as an oikophobe) one week of tweets. I became her (his??hey, I don’t know for sure) follower but then unfollowed because the tweets were beginning to hit too close to home.


The Houseworkphobe  @thehouseworkphobe

MONDAY: Eeks, saw some cobwebs in the living room. Must remind maid to clean.


The Houseworkphobe  @thehouseworkphobe

TUESDAY: Cobwebs in bedroom, 2. No wonder love – life is stagnant, too.


 The Houseworkphobe  @thehouseworkphobe

WEDNESDAY: Fengshui says removing clutter brings in new energy. But first, need energy to remove clutter.


The Houseworkphobe  @thehouseworkphobe

 THURSDAY: Watch Inception or clean the bathroom? Inception and chocolate cake won.


The Houseworkphobe  @thehouseworkphobe

 FRIDAY: It’s candlelight dinner every night. No, we don’t need the dimmer in our lights. The dust does it for us.


The Houseworkphobe  @thehouseworkphobe

 SATURDAY: Using Creative Visualization to clean. The dust                          and clutter, still there. Manifestation, not immediate???


The Houseworkphobe  @thehouseworkphobe

 SUNDAY: A day of rest for all  🙂



(Disclaimer: If you find any similarities between The Houseworkphobe and me, I would say you have a wild imagination.)

How was/is  your twitter experience?



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  1. Cool… Finally two days late, Wednesday arrives…

    I have not used twitter at all… joined it a week ago.. So I can say that I missed this stage.

    But a question, why did you tag this post as inception?? 😛

  2. Hah! Keeping tabs?? I like that, Laxmi. Keeps me on my toes.

    And I am sure you must be enjoying being on twitter. 🙂

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