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This was an accident waiting to happen.

I had been expecting it ever since Mr.Ghandhy brought home the new toaster. Its sleek steel body reflected my curves to perfection. Its voice rang out authoritatively when the toast was done. It didn’t matter much if one dropped the toast that popped out. The basket attached to the sleek body caught it and prevented the danger of Murphy’s Law of the buttered-side- of –the-toast- touching- the- floor coming into effect.

The best part of Ben, as I lovingly called the toaster, was his eyes. Which hot-blooded coffeemaker’s heart would not miss a beat when this handsome bread heater winked at them with his naughty green eye?

In the month that passed, no morning had gone by without our tête- a -tête. Mr. Ghandhy, the lone Parsee bachelor, had his coffee and toast before he left for work. Trust me when I say I had been faithful to him for the last 5 years, ever since I came into his home. He has looked after me well.

Ruffy the refrigerator who has been with Mr.Ghandhy since the last 20 years told me that all Parsees take good care of their things and this is evident from the high price that second-hand Parsee owned cars command. Is this the reason Parsee men don’t get married? They are so busy taking care of their possessions they have no time or energy left to look for a spouse.

Anyways, I look almost half my age, thanks to Mr.Ghandhy’s gentle handling and I don’t think anyone should have taken it amiss that I showed an undue interest in Ben. But sadly, my heart was not young enough to take these adolescent-type fibrillations in stride and finally this morning it happened.

Mr. Ghandhy had filled me with the cappuchino mix and switched on the button to set me going. At the same time he popped in two slices of wheat bread into Ben’s slim apertures and switched on the button.

Just then a call from the office diverted Mr.Ghandhy’s attention and he forgot I had to be switched off after 4 minutes. 8 minutes elapsed and at that very moment Ben winked at me. It was so sudden that my overheated heart skipped a beat and stopped working.

Mr.Ghandhy prodded and poked but he couldn’t get me working; he has never had any equipment break down on him before. He was clueless but last evening I heard him talk to his sister on the phone who told him of a service centre at Grant Road where he can get me repaired.

I am very worried because she advised him to take me to Satyam Stores and exchange me for the latest coffee maker which will make a good partner for Ben. Ben has continued to wink at me so I am keeping my fingers crossed.



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6 thoughts on “MUSINGS OF A MACHINE

  1. Amazing… 😀

    I believe that no new machine would ever be able to compete with the taste she had established. Can u assure the old coffee machine on my behalf?

  2. Well, I hope Mr. Gandhey will not exchange the hot miss coffee maker , enjoyed this write Sonia…..

  3. Am sure, the hot miss coffee maker is hoping the same.

    Am glad you enjoyed the write, Sreeja 🙂

  4. Aarti Singh on said:

    Hope the hot coffee maker is back, for Ben’s sake. Though on second thought, Ben will never mend his winking ways, so a curvaceous new coffee maker would surely be welcomed by him with much gusto! Naughty Ben!

  5. Naughty Ben! Just so very naughty, isn’t he, Arti 😉

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