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Tomorrow is Thursday/Tuesday

Routines make life move smoothly. And routines also make life feel like a mundane grind.

This morning, as I stepped off the bed, my right foot first (one has a good day, this way, fengshui says) a feeling of utter dread gripped me as I saw the dusting, cooking and myriad other chores looming in front of me.

What could I do to make the day different?

The most obvious way is to not do the chores (which invariably leads to a bigger mess to take care of, later).

Yes, I know.

I am going to make tomorrow different by pretending that tomorrow is actually yesterday, that is it is the day that occurred two days ago. I know I am going to have a lot of fun. Tomorrow is Thursday which means that I shall be treating this day as a Tuesday.

The most interesting thing to do on Tuesday?  Of course it is Vodafone Tuesday, buy one ticket and get one free. I shall go to the theatre tomorrow and demand a free ticket for the one I buy. I know it is going to be very embarrassing so I will not go alone. I will take Sherry along with me. This is a girl who lives in my society and she mistakenly believes that I am her friend though I have never been guilty of conveying this impression to her. Anyway I will invite her for the movie tomorrow and I am sure she will be cured of any friendly feeling for me henceforth.

I shall also prevent my family members from eating non-vegetarian food tomorrow. Thursday is the day they gorge on seafood, our family is infested with foodies. Imagine their consternation when I insist that it is Tuesday, the day we neither cook nor eat non-vegetarian food at home.

It promises to be an interesting day.

Have you ever felt the suffocating grips of a monotonous schedule? What did you do different?


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6 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Thursday/Tuesday

  1. Vaishali Jain on said:

    I will tell you this *shamefaced* I never try to change anything. I wake up and groan and wince and glare at the impending work, but I do it anyway.[with a lil bit of procrastination maybe!]

    Your concept was creative and fun, Sonia. I’m thinking of the after-effects of this brilliant ‘concept’, so to speak. 😉

    • soniaraowrites on said:

      Vaishali, it really is so much easier to do what one enjoys doing and keep on doing it to the exclusion of all other must-be-done chores. (Actually, I’ve realised I love writing and hence anything else that has to be done is a chore, lol).

      Glad you liked the concept and hoping you, too, would try somesuch and tell us about it :))

  2. In that case I take leave from the office.. 😛 😛

  3. This was good conceptually….you have to follow it up with what happened when you treated Thursday like Tuesday….can’t wait!

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