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Speak Up

Speak up.

Two important words which mean much more than what they say.

There has been a time for listening and of introspecting. But the events of the recent past have told us quite clearly that keeping quiet just make the wrong-doers stronger and so it is time to speak up.

Keeping quiet has become a malaise that has gripped Indian society, and hence when the ills befell all of a sudden and too many at a time, we wondered why was it happening this way.

Maybe the Mayans were not so wrong after all. We thought the world was going to end in one shot, wasn’t it? We just need a different angle to see the end. Could this be the end of apathy? Of self-doubt? Of procrastination? And of the injustices that plague our society?

Would not one lead to the other?

For a writer, ‘speak up’ holds a special meaning. It is the symbol of growth. It is also a sign that the writer has overcome or mostly overcome the demons of self-doubt and has now decided to plunge into the cold waters of exposing one’s thoughts and writings to the world. And also being ready for one’s writing to be ignored, scrutinized or judged and by default, the writer.

The best way would be to own your work like it is your baby till you are working on it. Once you let it go out into the world, as writer Anita Desai said, in a recent litfest, it is no longer yours, it is now of the world. Become detached from your work.

Nobody said speaking up is easy. But the alternative is worse. And speak up I am going to, for the next 31 days, everyday, here, as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

The excited anticipation of writing 250 – 500 words everyday for the next 31 days is mixed with a fear of whether I will be able to rise to the challenge. As the wise say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. And so, I invite you to join me on this journey as I explore different ways of speaking up.

What do you want to speak up about in this year?


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4 thoughts on “Speak Up

  1. As mush as I love doing reviews and giveaways on my blog, this year I want to “speak up” and write more personal posts. I guess I have always been scared to do a total personal post but I feel like sometimes I need to just let it all out!

    • I know how you feel, Diane. I look upon doing reviews and giveaways also as a part of “speaking up”. Anything, that you can voice. But yes, there is a certain satisfaction in doing a totally personal post. I’m eager, now, to read a personal post by you. You can do it :))

  2. cairnr on said:

    Being outspoken is one of the native joys of my life, I’m so glad that you are embracing your words. Happy New Year!

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