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I need not explain what eco-friendly means and if you think I do, then you’ve been living under a rock for too long. So, go get yourself scrubbed and washed (use organic soap and less water) and come back here for this eco-test. And check out your score at the bottom of this questionnaire.

Q1) Do you switch off the lights, fans, air conditioners and other electronic items, when you leave the room and are not planning to return in a while?

Aa) Of course I do. In fact, very often I sit in the dimming light of twilight so that I can save a couple of hours of daylight.

Ab) Waat? Of course not. Too much effort.


Q2) Do you segregate the garbage into wet and dry?

Aa) Of course I do. Not just segregate but I recycle the dry waste.  The wet waste goes into the compost bin which gives me fertilizer for my garden.

Ab) Wet and dry????


Q3) Do you carry cloth bags for grocery shopping?

Aa) Of course I do. I even gift them to friends on birthdays and festivals.

Ab) Why? Have the stores stopped giving those plastic bags? They had even begun to charge for them, those cheats.


Q4) Do you have a plan for water conservation?

Aa) Yes, the impending water shortage has made us wary. We ensure that the taps and pipes are not leaking. Also, we make sure the watchmen use water from buckets and not pipes when they wash the cars. In our society, we’ve even got a bore-well dug so we can use that water for non-drinking purposes.

Ab) Con- ser- vation? What does that mean? Is it a type of hill-station or something?


Q5) How do you make a city ‘green’?

Aa) You plant more trees

Ab) You paint the buildings green



More Aa’s: No one can contest that you are an ECO-DARLING. The Earth is safe in your hands.

More Ab’s): Err, umm, no one likes to be called an ECO-DEVIL but there seems to be no other option here. Btw, what is the size of your carbon footprint? Oh, well, okay, never-mind.

(This post is for the fifth day of AtoZ Blogging Challenge and the letter of the day  is ‘E’. This also serves for the Ultimate Blogging Challenge, too. And if it were a poem, it would also fit into NaPoWriMo. Heck, how many birds can you kill with one stone?)

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  1. Another cause post ?

  2. Thank you, dear Laxmi, for visiting here and commenting.

    Yes, it is and a cause close to my heart.


  3. esellek on said:

    A great post, makes you think a bit huh!

  4. I take bags to the fresh food market but not to the grocery. I will focus and do better about that. Thanks for making me stop and think

  5. Woohoo, I’m an Eco-Darling. Great post.

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