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Haiku, hope, hailstone, hard-hearted, happiness, heartbreak, haemoglobin, hedonism – words which we’ve been using again and again and which are beginning to get too familiar. How about some new, unexpected ‘H’words?  Select the correct meaning of the word from the options given.  And, no peeking at the answers given below, before taking the test.

1)      Habromania
a)      A fetish for wearing hats
b)      An insanity featuring  cheerful delusions

2)      Hesychastic
a)      Keeping silence; soothing or quieting
b)      Singing German songs

3)      Hirudinean
a)      Of, like, pertaining to leeches
b)      Of, like, pertaining to shaggy hair

4)      Heriot
a)      A veterinarian
b)      Payment to feudal lord on death of tenant farmer

5)      Hypotyposis
a)      Vivid description of a scene
b)      A typhoid patient suffering from high fever

6)      Hwyl
a)      Absorbent cotton or linen used for towels
b)      Emotional state capable of arousing intense eloquence

7)      Horripilation
a)      An ugly carpet
b)      Process causing goose-bumps

8)      Hadeharia
a)      Constant use of the word ‘hell’
b)      Loss of bone strength in the body



1-b; 2-a; 3-a; 4-b; 5-a; 6-b; 7-b; 8-a



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  1. esellek on said:

    Not toooo bad, 7 out of 8 but now I know what number 8 means! Great fun, will try it on the other half 🙂

  2. I won’t even tell you my score because there wasn’t a choice for major FAIL! LOL

    This was fun, thanks!

  3. I love this!!! I learnt new words 😀

  4. Thank you, Mel. Won’t it be even more fun when we use them in sentences. I can imagine some goggle-eyed looks, already 🙂

    Much thanks, too, for visiting here and commenting, Mel.

  5. aarti singh on said:

    hi, you sure are getting creative and innovative day by day. this was great!

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