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‘I’ is for Iris, Indira and Imogen

Presenting to you three women, who besides sharing ‘I’ as a common first letter of their name, were / are also equally creative. This is just an introduction to them. Explore. Read them, Hear them. More of them. Enjoy.

IRIS MURDOCH (15 July 1919 – 8 February 1999)

“The sea which lies before me as I write glows rather than sparkles in the bland May sunshine. With the tide turning in, it leans quietly against the land, almost unflecked by ripples or by foam. Near to the horizon it is a luxurious purple, spotted with regular lines of emerald green. At the horizon it is indigo. Near to the shore, where my view is framed by rising heaps of humpy yellow rock, there is a band of lighter green icy and pure less radiant opaque however, not transparent. We are in the north, and the bright sunshine cannot penetrate the sea. Where the gentle water taps the rocks there is still a surface skin of colour. The cloudless sky is very pale at the indigo horizon which it lightly pencils in with silver. Its blue gains towards the zenith and vibrates there. But the sky looks cold, even the sun looks cold.”

(Quoted from  ‘The Sea, the Sea’ (winner of the  Booker Prize in 1978)).

INDIRA GOSWAMI (14 November 1942 – 29 November 2011)

Love is that garment!
We hunters try to hunt
in every moment, every hour of our lives!
It seldom comes with the
blessing of that unknown God,
whom we have never seen!

If you are wearing that garment!
Try to hold it tight!
Because once you care to wear it
Death will not be a strange to you!

(Quoted from Pain and Flesh, a book of poems; special thanks to Amrit)

IMOGEN HEAP(born 9 December 1977)

(Hide and Seek)


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10 thoughts on “‘I’ is for Iris, Indira and Imogen

  1. Beautiful posts! Wonderful combination! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. What beautiful excerpts of writing by the two authors and an evocative song from Omogen, which I hadn’t heard before. The poet, born the same year as I was, has died already. I hope she clutched love tightly around her.

  3. Creative. As a musician and songwriter (in another life :-)), I can definitely appreciate this. Awesome!

  4. Learning new things everyday! Incredible post! 🙂

    Konstanz Silverbow
    A-to-Z April Blog Challenge Co-host

    • It was a journey of discovery for me, Konstanz, all thanks to A-Z Blog Challenge which pushed me to go beyond a limit and come up with a different post. It actually is quite fun if one is ready to experiment.


      Thanks for hosting this fab Blog challenge and also for dropping by and commenting.

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