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Aao, Jashn manaaye. Come, let us celebrate. Spring has arrived. The sun’s rays are beginning to get more intense. The crops are harvested and ready to be taken to the market. The past is over and taken care of. It’s time to think of what and how to grow for the next harvest.

The decorated 'Gudi'

The decorated ‘Gudi’

In India, where agriculture is still a majority occupation, Gudi Padvaa in Maharashtra and Ugadi in the South are the festivals that herald Spring and the beginning of a new year. Mid-April, the New Year will be celebrated as Bihu in Assam and Baisakhi in Punjab. It is time for re-generation in these places.

How can this spirit of spring and re-generation be applied to our lives?

The Sun at this time is in the sign of Aries, the first sign on the Zodiac Wheel. Greek and Roman Mythology amply demonstrate the Aries archetype as the Fearless, Passionate Pioneer. It demonstrates all those qualities you would expect to see in a toddler discovering the world for the first time: adventurous, enthusiastic, inquisitive, eager to discover, courageous, bold, energetic. Any more? Enthusiastic, unhampered by any feelings of self-doubt. And add to that, dynamic and quick-witted.

Spring in Action

Spring in Action

Now let’s use these qualities of the Sun in Aries to bring a freshness and liveliness to our lives. What is stagnating? What is that which needs to end so that the new can be brought in? What is it that is hampering your joyousness? What is it that you want to study? What is it that you would do if feelings of self-doubt and low self-esteem did not heap self-limiting bonds on you? It’s time to spring-clean the mind of its obsolete attitude. It’s time to take action.

Is there a book, song, painting that has been lurking in your brain for days, months, years? Take the first bold step to manifest it. Go on a fitness programme? Leave that dead-end job and go for the one that fires you up? Revive that defunct relationship or then shed it like an outworn, unwanted skin? The sky is telling you anything is possible if you take the right action. Nature has given the go-ahead and says ‘Spring into action.’

What new beginning will you celebrate in this brand new Spring?

(What I’ve not done in the last one year, I seem to be doing now, and that is blogging regularly. Not weekly, no. DAILY. Thank you, A to Z Blog Challenge and Ultimate Blog Challenge, and PROBLOGGER )

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