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M is about ‘ME’

Inspired by the Leibster Blog Award Challenge and others of its ilk.


1)      I always want to know ‘why’.

2)      I hate going for parties and events but once I am dragged there, screaming and shouting, I tend to relax and enjoy myself.


3)      I was in depression for three days when Homeland Season 2 ended.


4)      When I was young, my parents harboured ambitions of me becoming a doctor, but I secretly wanted to be an airhostess.  Now, I’m neither, because I was short of marks to get admission into MBBS and I was too short to be an airhostess. Two inches short, precisely.


5)      Robert Pattinson, as Edward Cullen, is my fave-most character and Twilight is the only film I liked better than the book.


6)      Someone asked me what I would be if I was not a writer. I have been a fashion designer and a jewellery designer. I have even been a multi-level marketer. So, now it really is time for me to be a writer. (I’ve been writing non-fiction since a while; it is only in 2008 that I got down to serious fiction-writing).

7)      I am a trained Silva Mind Controller (isn’t that what the graduates are called?)


8)      Have you ever slept next to the window when it rained and the raindrops fell on your face like cold pin-pricks and it was an awesome feeling? When I was a kid, my bed was next to the window. When I grew up, rooms changed, homes changed and never had a bed next to a window.


9)      An important aspect of my role as the NaNoWriMo ML (Municipal Liaison) for India is motivating people and I love doing it.


10)  I‘ve been a vegetarian since many years but when I tell that to people they give me unbelieving looks.  I’ve to still figure out why.


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2 thoughts on “M is about ‘ME’

  1. And, now, it was good to know about you, Sonia. 😀

    Btw, ‘trained Silva Mind Controller’? Intriguing. I’d like to know what that is. 🙂

    • Dear Vaishali, it is so serendipitous that you are commenting. I wanted to link your blog here (since you were the one to nominate me for the Leibster Blog Award many moons ago) but it was late and my comp was being temperamental.

      Silva Mind Control is a programme in which one learns lots of techniques of using the mind for visualisation and healing. Did it years ago 🙂

      Glad you came by here. It’s been ages, isn’t it?

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