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N can only mean NaNoWriMo

It was 2008. The lure of writing fiction was becoming hard to resist. I joined a writers’ group. And when I asked them, “How does one write a novel?” they gave me a weird look and said, “You just write.” It did not make much sense to me. There surely must be more to novel-writing than just writing it. I was a voracious reader of novels and did not think it was that easy to write one.

But in 2009 I discovered that it was. I also discovered NaNoWriMo while surfing writing resources online.  To the uninitiated, NaNoWriMo which expands into National Novel Writing Month, is an online novelling event which begins on the 1st of November and ends on the 30th of the same month, every year. And in those thirty days, millions of writers all over the world write novels. They just write. Fifty thousand words of a novel if they want to be winners and get yummy goodies for their efforts.

You do the math and realise that if you have to write almost 1700 words a day, it doesn’t make much sense to dilly-dally and wait for the muse to turn up. You just write. You pour out the story that’s within you and this is especially easy when it is your first NaNo. 

Did I just say it’s easy? Maybe it is. Or then, maybe it is not. It was very easy for me. I loved the exhilaration of writing words that literally fought to break out of the prison of my mind and onto the vast open expanses of the word doc.  What pleasure it was, gulping down cups of semi-warm tea, hot enough to lubricate the flow of words onto the page but not hot enough to scald the tongue and distract the words as they tumbled out. Their energy and their vivaciousness enchanted me and pulled me in deeper and deeper to write.

Yes, I won NaNo in 2009, and then in the following three years too. For two years my focus was only on myself and my writing. It was terrific fun. But it was in 2011, when I became Municipal liaison(ML), India region, for the first time that  I realized how much I loved to motivate other writers to achieve their authorial ambitions. 2012 was the same fun and learning but in much larger quantities.  There have been on-line write-ins, and even on-line TGIO parties. There have been pep-talks by Indian authors. Friendships have developed and flourished. A community of NaNoWriters has been built, a group on Facebook where wrimos meet and display their writings and review others’ writings.

NaNoWriMo has many avatars. One of them is Camp NaNoWriMo which  is in full swing, now, in April.

Are you a Wrimo, too? What has been your experience as a wrimo?

Come, meet us on the Wrimo India page on Facebook.


(This post is part of the A to Z blog challenge as well as Ultimate Blog Challenge. Look out for further posts on NaNoWriMo and writing).


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One thought on “N can only mean NaNoWriMo

  1. I have done NaNo sometimes – stressful! I have never succeeded.

    Sonia Lal

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