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In today’s times, the glut of techno-information has made time a precious commodity and it is easy to let it slip from one’s fingers if one is not careful to make the most of the time available. Here are three terrific tips to follow if you want to make more time to write.


The day is always full of must-do lists which even at the end of the day are never completely done. Add to it the distractions of the electronic world and social media and the day is over before you know it. Making time for writing in such a scenario feels like an undeserved luxury. Waking up an hour or so early before the rest of the world starts making demands on your time might be the best way to get the writing done. At night, keep your writing stuff such as your book, pens or pencils ready. Also keep ready the topic of your writing, whether it is a prompt or a story you are already working on. If you write on an electronic device make sure it is not connected to the internet. I’m sure, like television, even social media is on 24×7, but you don’t want to spend your precious time aimlessly. As soon as you wake up walk towards your already set-up table and start writing (no, you don’t get to check your phone before you begin).

2)      DELEGATE

Household chores are never-ending and exhaust you physically. If you have a full-time job, cooking and cleaning after you come back from work could tire you and the fatigue could dampen your enthusiasm towards writing. If you are a SAHM with small kids, you might be exhausted at the end of the day to even think of writing. The solution is to delegate all those jobs that do not need your specific input or presence. So, hire whoever you need for the chores, in order to make time for yourself.  If it’s a baby-sitter for the kids or a part-time cook or even a catering service, go ahead and order them. The free time that will be released will help you write better and more.


Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest… the list is endless. Pick out the ones which you are active on and spend time there. The only caveat is to make it a well-organised mode of spending time. Plan in advance how long you are going to be in each social media and what you are going to talk about. Use a timer if you must. If you are a blogger, make a plan to comment on other blogs on the day you make a fresh post. Rerweet interesting tweets on Twitter, ‘like’ and comment on interesting updates on Facebook. But all to a plan,if you don’t want to wonder where the hours of the day have disappeared and with no writing done.

What methods do you use to make time for writing?


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  1. Wise words. I’d get so much more writing done if not for my laziness combined with Facebook and Angry Birds.

  2. ajiteja on said:

    The first thing i do after getting up in the morning is writing my to-do list….
    And i make sure everyday that i have completed all the tasks before goin to bed howmuch ever tired i am….
    Thats my mantra…..

    • It’s been said that a writer needs stickability as much as ability in order to be a success. You, Ajiteja, seem to have cracked that code.


      • ajiteja on said:

        Maybe !!!!!!
        My hubby always makes a point that I push myself too much…, you can always leave a task or two for some other day if its not that important…..
        I just crack it off replying so that you can find some time to get cheesy with me;-)……..

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