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In the 40’s, advertising companies did a survey of all successful campaigns and discovered that they all focussed on the USP of the product.

The Unique Sales proposition or the Unique Selling Point of the product referred to that particular property or quality which induced buyers of the similar product of another brand to give that up and make this one their own.

This concept became so popular that even companies began to develop a USP.

Some popular USPs, which most of us are familiar with:

DeBeers : A diamond is forever.

Avis: We’re number two. We try harder.

British Airways:  The World’s Favourite Airline

Which list (certainly, it is not exhaustive) brings us to a person:

Michael Jackson: “The King of Pop”, which leads us to the question:

‘What is your USP? What makes you that Unabashedly Stupendous Person? Knowing what your USP is makes it easy for you to sell yourself to yourself.

Yes, go back, read it again.

In a world where we are bombarded with images and words that try to prescribe to us how to become the Perfect One, we forget how stupendous we are. We chase after a media-promoted ephemeral image that promises to make us feel happy and / or successful.

If you have forgotten how an UNABASHEDLY STUPENDOUS PERSON you are, here are four quick steps to remind you:

  • List down your strengths and all those things you excel at. Wait, don’t answer till you have paid attention for three days to all that you do everyday. You might begin to see yourself in a different light.
  • What are your weaknesses? Don’t waste time trying to make them into your strengths but do try to minimize their power to make you feel less than you are.
  • Are your eyes and ears open to the opportunities that are available to you to make your even more stupendous? Think as big as you can.
  • Innovative and carefully bold thinking will help you negotiate the treacherous threats that could hamper your path to becoming the best you can be.


So, are you being the Unabashedly Stupendous Person you can be?




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