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There are writers that can churn out 500-1000 good words or more as soon as they sit down to write. (Really?) Then, there are the others who need to think and compost their ideas and words for hours (days? years?) before they are ready to cut the umbilical cord and release them into the world.

If one belongs to the latter category, then birthing new words everyday continuously for 30 days can be an excruciating challenge. Dipping into the well (which is how Julia Cameron refers to the creative self in ‘The Artist’s Way’) unceasingly, can lead to its depletion, making us ‘word-weary’. The added onslaught of media distraction in our lives makes us lose our train of thought and adds to the word-weariness.

Word-weariness robs us of our enthusiasm for writing and the words we churn out half-heartedly sound as if the burden of the world rests on their shoulders. We wish we too could crawl into a cave like a hibernating bear and refresh our writing souls.

The Artist’s Way offers a tool called ‘Media Deprivation,’ which was known as ‘Reading Deprivation’ earlier. As the name suggests, one is required to deprive oneself, for one week, of reading and of all kinds of media that is a constant source of distraction. No reading, no email, no texts, no internet, no surfing, no social media. Also, no television and no radio. A word-detox, of sorts.

If it is not possible to completely switch off, try to be de-plugged for a major chunk of time. This step, The Artist’s Way promises, will allow you to open yourself to ideas and inspirations.

Do you wonder how you will fill in the days if you are off-media and off-devices?

Some take up dancing classes and others pottery. Some explore gardens, parks, museums, and art galleries. And, some write.

What will you do if  you are word-weary?



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4 thoughts on “ARE YOU WORD-WEARY?

  1. I would read, but that’s not allowed, oh I’d crawl up and die if you took my books, the electron crap, please take but not my books.
    maggie at expat brazil

  2. ajiteja on said:

    I guess I must give a try by vacating myselves of all my dearest things and see what comes out….
    Nicely written btw…..

  3. Well, I go for a walk for an hour every day in the fresh air and sun or rain with my dog, that clears the mind very well! And also, my husband and I have just taken up Transcendental Meditation. It cured our son of stress-related problems, and he was so happy as soon as he started, we thought we’d try it. Well – it works. No word-weariness here, or indeed, weariness of any kind! I recommend it!

    Congrats on getting to the end! Liz ~

  4. Hi
    I’ve enjoyed your posts on the A to Z and have nominated you for a Liebster Award. Please hop over to my place for all the details, cheers
    Liebster Award
    maggie at expat brazil

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