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Yin and Yang

Satin and sandpaper. Bling and minimalism. Spicy and bland. Bitter and sweet. Generosity and miserliness. Silence and gregariousness.

These dualities exist in nature. Some would call them opposites but it is also true that each exists because of the other. They are complementary forces and contain an essence of the other. How else would we appreciate the smoothness of satin if we did not first bear the brunt of sandpaper grazing our skin? The jarring garishness of bling juxtaposed against the sleek aesthetics of minimalism? If neem is bitter, does it not make us appreciate the sweetness of honey even more? Hence it might be quite correct to say that one is not better than the other. In fact, together they form a balanced whole. Like Yin and Yang.


This applies to writing too. On one hand, we sit at the desk, penning down words on paper. We do this regularly (or at least some of us do), to a fixed routine, for a number of hours or till we have written a pre-determined number of words.

But this is not what writing can be restricted to.

Behind the actual act of writing exists yet another important aspect: the thought process which has developed through reading and observing and analyzing. And so, if we dedicate time to writing then it is mandatory to dedicate time for the behind- the-scenes activity, too. Day-dreaming, going on long walks, reading a lot, taking unscheduled naps and meditating are as important as the very act of sitting down and actually writing. Spending time with one’s self or going on what Julia Cameron calls it, “the ‘Artist’s Date’ which is more mischief and whimsy rather than artistic” are as important as the actual act of writing. When both exist, the synergy they create is harmonious and balanced. Veritably, yin and yang.

Are you able to balance the yin and yang of your writing?


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2 thoughts on “Yin and Yang

  1. aarti singh on said:

    Nice wholesome piece of writing Sonia, the yin and yang coming together!

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