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Muse v/s Mosquitoes … Nano-ing Delhi ishtyle

(“Typically, when I think about miracles, I compose,” says Vaishali Jain, a first-time Wrimo, who is also an ardent blogger and a ‘proud child of the 90s’. The love-hate relationship she shares with her muse finds expression in her blog, Cosmuse.

Vaishali originally posted this immediately after NaNoWriMo 2012).

November this year has not been super rocking for me owing to night-outs with my muse and the mosquitoes. Yes… mosquitoes! Nights in Delhi are full of those ruthless, noisy, attention-grabbing, virus-injecting things. As luck would have it, my fickle muse tends to go altruistic with ideas as the non-starry nights beckon every sane human to sleep. But I’m not the only one in the party.

I hear, many artists are graciously visited by their muse at inconvenient times. Is there anything you can do to change it? No. Is there anything you can do to derive a benefit from it? Fortunately, yes!

Don’t want to put your ideas in jeopardy? Then, you should record them… and immediately. Go for whichever way suits you – The digital way or the notebook way.

Write on small notebooks, stick-ons, spare notepapers or even text yourself through your mobile.

When you go to bed, keep a paper and pen beside your pillow. I’ve been able to save many of my story ideas because of this one action-step.

Take a shower. Some say, it’s then when they get the best ideas. Oh, and please keep a waterproof notepad with you.

You might take it casually and miss out on some of the best ideas so please take note of it… there is inspiration everywhere. You just need to look around and notice. Go for drives, walks, or just look outside the window. And, at all times, be prepared to record your observations.

  • Talk to someone, known or unknown.
  • Revisit old albums.
  • Listen to music – with or without lyrics.
  • Read newspapers/ magazines… Innumerable ideas in those pictures and Sunday articles.
  • Take ideas from the books that inspire you.
  • The daily chores – this is when you can actually cut away from the mundane and think wholeheartedly about your genius story.
  • Go people-watching. Study them. In your local supermarket or your nearby mall or your fave café or your cousin’s place or your metro/train/bus/etc. It SO helps in characterization.

Talk to your characters. Did you know that’s one of the best ways to avoid writer’s block, too?

Journals – they can bring up interesting topics to write on. Visit them once in a while, if you have one. If you don’t have one, then have one.

I, by no chance, can promise to make it an easy ride for you but I hope it does become an easier one and we sail through these 30 days with a ready first draft of our novels and plenty of confidence to dare going for such expeditions again… together.


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