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What crap is this!

(Seventeen days into NaNoWriMo 2012, Laxmi Chichra, had an epiphany. And here it is, shared with all. The best advice for writing the first draft).

Hello everyone.  I am Laxmi aka lostghost, writing this post. Well, I am not the right person to hand out the advice to anyone. After all, this is my first time too. But I am just sharing my experience.

For past seventeen days, I have been struggling to pull those characters out of my mind onto the paper. Somehow I have reached 20k. I know I am way behind many, and way ahead of many too.

Yesterday I sat to write further and the only words resounding in my mind were“What Crap!!! Who is going to read this story? I am supposed to write a romance and my hero entered the pages after 13.5 k words.”

I am sure you people are also facing the similar mid-novel crisis. How many of you want to dump those words written? Do you also want to forsake all the pages that have been written and rewrite them again? I know I want to do that.

But I won’t because these words are the proof of that I sat on my laptop for those hours and toiled over them. These words are the proof that I had tried to write the novel. If nothing else, these words would be the tangible proof of my hard work of last fifteen days.(Moreover, I am not sure I will ever be able to 50k otherwise.)

So what I m left with? Crappy 19k words and some more days to go. For two days, I did not write anything. It was just me and the Diwali celebrations. That was when my mum asked, “Has your laptop crashed?”

Nobody expects me to write a novel, leave alone write a riveting novel. And publishable novel?  I need at least three weeks to perfect a 500 words story. So, how can I write perfect 1667 words in a day?

That is when I was handed out the best advice. It is the crap that generates carbon, which in turn produces that coal and the diamonds. So maybe I am producing crap, but I have a hope at least some percentage of it will be salvageable.  Even if it is one sentence, it will be one sentence more than I started. And a few improbable premises ideas less than I began.

So I am not going to hit that backspace button just now. I will worry about that may be in Jan or Dec.  For now, I have those 30 k words to write and prove myself that writing novel is not that big a deal.

So let us harness our characters back to the roller coaster and let them have that one ride of a novel-adventure we promised them in the beginning of the month.


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