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Confessions of a Wrimo

(Dola, first-time wrimo, loves blogging and writing stories and often combines them for added pleasure).

You don’t need to be a philosopher to know that decisions have the power to change lives. But you may need a click-happy person like me to tell you that a click can change lives too. Really!

After writing scripts for short school plays, helping my colleagues write numerous speeches and blogging for pleasure, I finally prepared myself to take a giant leap – to write a novel. I was a voracious novel reader but was I prepared to write one? It can’t be denied, I needed help. And who better to ask than Google Baba? I was skeptical when I clicked the National Novel Writing Month link. A novel in a month? Looked far-fetched. But, I can vouch for it now that that fateful click in October 2012 changed my life forever.

Resolving to lock my inner editor out, I began my become-a-novelist-in-a-month journey last November. All I wanted from the deal was the first 50k words of my first draft and the coveted purple ribbon of the winner. What I received was much more. I received the blessing of friendship, of camaraderie. I now belonged to a community that believed in companionship, made you holler with laughter, shared their best practices, agreed to help without you even asking, kept you updated with latest news from the writing world and most importantly took joy in your achievements and motivated you despite the rejections. Even now, I remember the late night writing exercises, fingers flying on the keyboard mostly to bizarre prompts and our India ML cheering us on to touch the winning mark. I felt nostalgic as if I was back in my university hostel and studying late night with friends.

I made the acquaintance of published authors, soon-to-be-published authors, great storytellers and even newbies like me. I took part in many contests, won a few and lost many more. But I would never forget the help extended to me by my fellow wrimos who were themselves keeping a tight schedule. I would never forget the ever ready I-will-be-glad-to-help-you messages and the easy smiles, the helpful nudges in the right direction and the cheerful pats on the back. When you know you are not alone in a journey it becomes more interesting. I know I am a better human being today, a better struggling-to-be-published writer. And the credit goes to NaNoWriMo.

Are YOU ready to change your life?

[Hint: It’s just a click away]


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  1. Thank you for hosting me on your blog, Sonia!

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