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Playing with my hair, or at least trying to, is not quite new to me. Pigtails and ponytails were par for the course for school and kiddy birthday parties.

It was only when I got married that playing with my hair became a form of what else, but play. Inspired by myriad Bollywood songs, I too wanted my very own beau to play peek-a- boo with my hair. But it was not to be.  Perhaps it was because neither of us was a good singer and the strains of Bollywood songs playing in the middle of the night could be quite disruptive for the other members of the household. Or was it that long hair did not much enamour the beau seeing that his hair was almost as long as mine (we are Sikhs, see)?

Ah, well.

Next, I tried playing ‘House House’ with my hair and it mostly consisted of making a top knot to avoid hairy additions to the food or hairy curtains blinding my eyes while I dusted.

I even played ‘Office Office’ in which my hair starred as a top knot again but now decorated with a couple of loose tendrils and a diamond studded clip.

The topknot (sometimes a bouffant) became a fixture as life settled into a routine of baby-toddler-school-college.

Play seemed to have taken a backseat to the serious business of living. One even laughed sometimes at the memories of the Bollywood peek-a- boos that weren’t.

And then one day, many years later, when a beauty therapist, while oiling my scalp, oiled away the melanin from a few strands of my hair, I decided to play ‘color my hair’. Global, highlights, lowlights… this was the beginning of a fun trend as I experimented with golden, blonde, ash blonde( names of colors) and what not.

Sadly, the trusted colorist preferring to go the family way twice in three years has paid put to my mane-ly matters.

But the craving to play is back. Short of cutting my hair, I am game for a brand new caper. A perm comes to mind. Time for a daring new look? Time to play ‘Myself’?

Many say perming causes the hair to break and get damaged. Well, they said that when I decided to colour my hair, too (I took care of that problem with my Dove hair care products and I’m sure I can do the same this time, too).

Now to find a trust-worthy, skilled hair stylist!! Can it be tougher than finding a needle in a haystack?

This post is part of #DovePlay, conducted by #Indiblogger


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7 thoughts on “LETTING MY HAIR DOWN

  1. Manu Kurup on said:

    I had long forgotten this song. Nice post.
    The importance of hair has been over-rated by bollywood these days but the sensual side of it is not to be forgotten. 🙂

  2. That’s so true, Manu. The subtle sensuality of ‘kaali zulfein’ has been taken over by the ‘jawaanis’ of the Munis and the Sheelas, though.

    And, feels good to re-connect, after a blogging hiatus.


  3. Hehe…was all smiles reading this! N go for the new look, I bet you’ll look good 🙂 …now just to find that perfect stylist!

  4. Sonia, your sense of humor and the timing of humor is too good. Loved this post and you know what happens when I love something.. be ready for the shout outs.. 😀

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