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Authorial Aspirations

Last year I bumped into A-Z Blogging Challenge towards the end of March and having been an irregular blogger took it up to push myself out of my own comfort blogozone. I blogged to the letters without a theme and yes, it did get a bit stressful at times.

This year should be different (and of course, less stressful), I decided. Camp NaNoWriMo is in full swing this April. So, why not blog about my journey with NaNoWriMo as the Asia::India ML which I have been since 2011? And perhaps throw in some writing tips – from writers of yore and also some from me (with five first drafts written and one being edited, and having access to thousands of Wrimos writing one every year, I could share an insight or two, no?).

Okay, don’t shudder. It is not going to be about Me, Me, and Me.

I aim to present to you a fun peek into the life of a NaNoWriMo ML as well as the agony and the ecstasy of writing.

Today, then, is about Authorial Aspirations.



Writing for me came as a ‘should’. There was always this teeny-weeny voice (‘The Voice’) within me that piped up at the strangest of times saying, “You should write.” Should?!?! Should?!?! Well, no-one says ‘No’ to ‘The Voice’. So, as a practicing fashion designer I looked for ways to write. Even as a trained jewellery designer. Articles for trade magazines and newsletters were followed by editing opportunities from newsletters of local environmental groups. It was all good.

And then, one day in 2009, ‘The Voice’ wanted me to write fiction, more specifically, a novel. Which is when I bumped into NaNoWriMo (nanowrimo[dot]org), on 31st October, 2009 and wrote my first novel in the month of November, that same year. And the next year too.

In 2011, I became an ML (More about this at ‘M’, perhaps). For the past two years I had been totally focused on writing my own novels. But now, besides writing my own novel I had to be the Main Motivator for others who too retained a desire to write one. In fact, helping other writers fulfill their authorial aspirations and reach their writing goals seemed to give me even greater satisfaction than writing my own novel.

This doesn’t take away from the fact that writing my first novel was so much wonderful fun. Words just flowed. Colourful characters were born with ease and they melded well with each other. There was a plot, too. And interesting conflicts. Perhaps, some day I might edit it.

Writing Tip#1: First drafts are best written speedily. Yes, a lot of the writing might be crap but the speediness puts the thinking brain on hold and brings forth the feeling brain which is where all the best stories come from. (Sonia Rao).


This post is part of the A-Z Blogging Challenge being conducted by the lovely Arlee BirdDamyanti, Alex and others. Today’s letter is of course, ‘A’.




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7 thoughts on “Authorial Aspirations

  1. A lovely start to the challenge Sonia. I have started this one too although it is my first. …. Keep writing and inspiring others too.

  2. I love your writing tip and completely agree. It is best to just start writing; you can always edit later.

    Best of luck in completing and taking on challenges with both Nanowrimo and the A-Z challenge. Hopefully it will be a lot of fun and a successful month for you! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for visiting here and commenting and ofcourse for your sweet words too 🙂

      Wishing you the best for A-Z too. *now going off to read your post on Beautiful Clothes, it looks tantalising*

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