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If Mark Zuckerberg ever worried that the youth of India was going to desert Facebook he can stop now because Kotak Bank is ready to change that in a jiffy. In fact, with KotakJifi.

Banking via Facebook and Twitter? Well, in a way that is pretty unconventional, is it not? “Unconventional” could then be the unofficial theme of the Indiblogger meet conducted with Kotak Mahindra Bank at Café Zoe, Mumbai on Sunday, 23rd of March, 2014.

Selfies and Usies

Selfies and Usies

In High Spirits

In High Spirits

Unconventional was the venue where wine flowed as much as laughter even as selfies and usies ruled the day. Unconventional was the 3-way mode of conducting the event as 3 cities – Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore – connected via live feed and proceedings from Mumbai were telecast live to the other two cities. And the most unconventional aspect of the meet was the secret guest who turned out to be Mr. Chetan Bhagat, the literary idol of millions of Indian youth who claim that his are the very first novels they ever read in English. Unconventional too, because money and writers are generally not spoken of in the same breath (the authors who make a living writing books are few and far between or so I have heard).

Kotak Bank can then proudly and arguably take a bow as the very first bank ever to encourage its patrons to bank via social media. In fact, you cannot join if you don’t have a Facebook account.  And no, they did not tell us what happens if you ‘deactivate’ your FB account.

Now just get a grab of some of the features of the New Age digital banking phenomenon called Jifi:

  • Zero balance account
  • Request for balance updates, cheque book etc. via Twitter
  • A platinum Debit Card
  • You can gain points for sharing information about Jifi with your friends (social points) and when you use your Debit Card to make purchases (transaction points). These points can be redeemed as they are a type of currency (no, not Bitcoins).

Yes, I can see your eyes gleaming. If you are a parent of a young teen, you can already see yourself getting out of the bind of having to raise the pocket money every quarter. And if you are the young teen I can see your excited impatience for registering with Jifi via your FB account and then sharing it with ALL your friends so that you can make a cool packet along with the pocket money that you are already getting.

Yes, social banking is here to stay. It is ‘New Age’ and like all such things it might not appeal to the old or those we call ‘Senior Citizens’. In fact when a young blogger tweeted to Chetan Bhagat and Kotak’s Head of Consumer Services that her grandparents did not have a FB account, so how could they open a Jifi account, she was advised politely to guide her grandparents towards the other types of accounts the bank provides. They do have an answer to all types of banking needs, it seems.

The spirits were high – both literally and figuratively – at this meet and even Chetan Bhagat did not spare himself as he cracked quip after quip against himself but while also subtly pointing out that he has often been the convenient fodder for blogposts and newspaper articles.

Besides the serious matter of digital banking, singing, dancing and playing group games also served to make this Sunday a well-spent one at what was a real four and a half stars event.

Go on, then, ask to be invited to join Jifi because once you join you get 100 social points. And then the fun can begin because with KotakJifi ‘likes’, ‘shares’ and ‘comments’ now matter.


This post is part of the Indiblogger KotakJifi Exclusive event held for the launch of KotakJifi – Banking is now social.

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  1. Sounds cool! Congrats on the win!

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