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Charismatic Chris Baty

Reality is over-rated. Write.

Write a book. Change the world.

And then from the NaNoWriMo tagline: The World needs your novel.

CHRIS BATY (pic courtesy

(pic courtesy

Chris Baty is the man responsible for the above words and it can be safely said that if there was no Chris Baty there might have been no NaNoWriMo (nanowrimo[dot]org). Not that he even had an inkling in 1999, when he gathered up with a few friends to write a novel of 50, 000 words in a month, that it would become this gargantuan online creative writing activity by its 14th year in 2013.

It has been an interesting journey for Chris, beloved of hundred of thousands of wrimos, world over, for his Bat-y sense of humour and intense positivity and motivation. Baty believes that one must bring a sense of child-like wonder and a sense of fun to any act of creation and if you ask him why he writes stories he will say, “to make people laugh,” which I believe can be one of the best reasons for writing.

While on NaNoWriMo, from 21 friends of Baty in the first year, it went online the next when 140 people joined up. It was in the third year, when an unexpected 5000 joined up that Baty knew he had something on his hands which had a life of its own. And what happened after that is history, of sorts. In 2013, the participation crossed 3,00,000 worldwide.( Baty would not be amiss in wondering why the TED Talk folks have not approached him yet).

Chris Baty has been synonymous with NaNoWriMo (Executive Director) for almost 13 years but in 2012 he stepped down and is now associated with it as Board Member Emeritus which allows him the opportunity to remain connected with NaNo in a significant role but also have the time to work on the many books he wrote in so many Novembers. In fact, Chris Baty is the only known person who has been a winner in all the years of the existence of NaNoWriMo (Well, that is a heck lot of novels to work on).

Anyone attempting NaNo for the first time could benefit by reading Chris Baty’s ‘No Plot? No Problem!’ and his co-authored, ‘Ready, Set, Novel.

Chris Baty is a busy man even today as he writes, takes classes and gives talks and travels all over the world meeting up with the tons of wrimos who have become friends, virtual but dear.

And he’s also started Chris Baty Studios in his living room from where all fascinating posters (such as the one below) are thought up and designed.

One of the many posters from Chris Baty Studios

One of the many posters from Chris Baty Studios

Writing Tip #3

1) Everyone has a book in them. (Actually, that’s not totally true. Everyone has a bunch of books in them.)
2) Writing one of those books will change the way you see yourself, deepen the way you read and make life feel a little more magical.
3) You can have about a hundred cups of coffee in one sitting before the caffeine becomes lethal.

(Writing tips courtesy Chris Baty).


This post is part of the A-Z Blogging Challenge 2014

Some blogs I’d love to explore after April, too: Muse n Motivation, The Bumbling Bookworm, Elizabeth Darkley

Confused about my A-Z theme? The answer is here as is the ‘A’ post. Read about the NaNoWriMo Buddy system (‘B’).

Today, is ofcourse ‘C’.

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4 thoughts on “Charismatic Chris Baty

  1. Yay!! You are doing the A-Z too!! 🙂 Chris Baty is an inspiration for all of us and I agree we all have so many stories bundled in us…just waiting to be told to the world!

  2. Thanks for the tips, very useful. Nice to connect and follow on

  3. I never knew you were doing A-Z… :O Would have dropped here long back. Lovely and informative post Sonia. Expect a drop in everyday.. chai vai..pakore shakore .. chalega 🙂 But on a serious are a wealth of informaton and knowledge.

  4. Three Cheers to Chris Baty for making would-be writers to understand how free they really were to write their thoughts in the form of books…
    Lovely post Sonia. Keep writing.

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