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The Evil Editor

The ghosts of all  books one ever read.

The ghosts of all books one ever read.

If you dare to edit your novel during NaNoWriMo the ghosts of all books you have ever read will take to squatting over your novel as well as your imagination and they will cause such a creative block that you will need many NaNoWriMos to complete one manuscript. The situation might sound drastic and it actually is, too. Because it really happens! These ghosts have been responsible for many a blocked writer and unwritten stories.

Unlovingly called the Evil Inner Editors, these ghosts are powerful and the only way to circumvent their influence is to tell them that you are going to write the worst story ever (this is scary to them because that was essentially the line/lie they were going to feed you to scare you and now they have no more weapons in their ghostly arsenal) and if they are nice and quiet in November you will let them read your manuscript in December. Now, this is a sneaky thing to do because you are going to need their services after NaNoWriMo ends if you want to make your Nano novel publishable. Instead of begging them to help you out in November you have turned the tables on these Evil Inner Editors into making them beg you to allow them to help you.

Once you’ve mastered the art of controlling these ghosts, you must continue to add to the ghost brigade by reading more and more books from your genre of choice ((to get a grip on the style the genre demands) and other genres to get new ideas for stories.


Writing Tip#5: If you look at it (Writer’s Block) as an opportunity, you will find a way to strengthen and broaden your ability to create characters and story. You’ll see that maybe you need to go deeper into your story and strive for another level of richness, full of texture and dimension. (Syd Field in Screenplay)


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2 thoughts on “The Evil Editor

  1. Hi Sonia, this procrastination bit, I am really guilty of it….And you say, that you have been a winner from 2009 despite it….Sigh! I have always worked under pressure. But, of late, that tends to churn my insides (mind and body) much more than I can digest. So, the only way out for me would be the first strategy that you mentioned…..
    Nice post….

  2. The above comment was posted here by mistake. I have posted it back in the previous write-up of yours on procrastination.

    Yes, Sonia, the editing ghosts need to be brushed aside because that invariably stalls the whole process of writing…I agree entirely.

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