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A Fardel of Fillers

(fardel: (n) a bundle; filler: (n) anything that adds bulk)

I confess.

I am as guilty as many other wrimos, of padding my manuscript with fillers during NaNoWriMo.

Writing 50K words can be a stretch if one is pantsing a novel. Just one word, or a sentence and we are off, flamboyantly, on our fantastic novelling journey. When one begins writing a novel without having researched, outlined or planned it, there could come a time when one runs out of inspiration or even relevant matter to write about. It is dangerous to carry out research during the course of NaNoWriMo because the deep pits of the netherworld of research can rise up like a sinkhole and engulf you, leaving you floundering with a gasping-for- breath low word count and an unfinished manuscript.

And it is okay to add fillers to your fantasy (the novel) during NaNo. Some of the many popular ways it is done is by writing recipes in detail of the food being consumed in that particular scene while some wrimos name and describe each and every object present in that particular setting. I have at one time rambled on about monsters under the bad and ended up with a story of a boy suffering from ‘Monstritis’ which might not work in my novel but perhaps I could turn it into a short story for children.

The fardel of fillers, which makes the novel unnecessarily bulky and a burden during editing, shows up mostly fourth novel onwards (the first three novels are pretty easy to write) and it can be tackled to a certain extent by having well thought out characters and a well-defined conflict.

Have you ever added fillers to your NaNo novel?

Writing Tip #6: I have this feeling of wending my way or plundering through a mysterious jungle of possibilities when I am writing. This jungle has not been explored by previous writers. It never will be explored. It’s endlessly varying as we progress through the experience of time. These words that occur to me come out of my relation to the language which is developing even as I am using it. ( William Stafford).


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One thought on “A Fardel of Fillers

  1. Okay, fillers you say. Haven’t tried it for fear of making my so called novel or write-up redundant….Now, is redundant a filler??!!

    Keep writing….

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