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Dove-Love and the Games People Played

Wearing high heels can make your hair smooth and silky and irresistible to touch. Really.

If you were wearing high heels at the Dove Indiblogger Meet aka #DovePlay held at the J.W. Marriott on Mother’s Day (11th May, 2014), you would have won a pack of Dryness Care Dove Elixir. Which is what I was wearing and which is what I won.

Dryness Care Dove Elixir contains precious oils blended with real ingredients. The elegantly stylish bottle holding the elixir – which has lavender petals floating in it – ejects pre-determined amounts of this delicately perfumed elixir which when you gently massage into your hair gives you the benefits of an overnight oiling within 30 minutes. Who does not enjoy the relaxation of an oil massage? And used after a shampoo, it makes your hair smooth and silky and irresistible to touch.



But that was just the first of the many games that were played at the Play Date in which Dove and Indiblogger jointly decided to pamper women.

Pamper women?!?! The only pampering most women know is the one they do for their children, spouses and other myriad family members.

This Play Date, then, did not leave any stone unturned in its intentions to pamper the guests on that day. Games, cocktails, food and gifts galore formed an integral part of the pampering.

On the urging of the host, the ladies in Dove-white (the dress code for the day) formed teams and group games were played. Each team followed a treasure –hunt –like map showing the trail to be followed. But before that my team-members (who gelled so well even though it was the first time we ever met each other) and I as well as the eleven other teams shook and shimmied and twerked and Zumba-ed as we threw all inhibitions to the winds and participated in the dancercises with gusto (and when the host asked if the men bloggers were being missed the loud Nooooooo spoke volumes). While dancing we got to know each other and one validating exercise required us to write compliments about our partner on a Dove button and present it to them. My partner wrote, “Beautiful eyes, good  personality” on the button and (confession time) whenever I am feeling a bit low, I cheer up on seeing this pin.



Games were next on the agenda and they were exciting with interesting self-explanatory names like:

  • Hair Play (making fancy hairstyles for each other),
  •  Have a Ball (catch as many Dove grey balls as possible thrown to us by our team members),
  • Hips Don’t Lie (Hula hoops –which we actually didn’t get to play for lack of time) and
  • Puzzle Mania (in which our team formed the V of DOVE in record time, at least according to us).


But the ‘crowning glory’ of the day was the Dove Salon where every woman present gave in to her ‘heady’  fantasies. While for some it was a haircut and for others it was a braided style or a hair straightening, for most of us though (straight-haired ones) it was an opportunity to just let our hair down and play with curls.

It has been my long-time wish to gentle-perm my hair but mundane life had always been an obstacle. The Dove hairstyling staff at the Salon was enthusiastic and well-trained and I had no qualms as I requested to have my hair curled. My hair is long, thin and straight. Fingers were crossed and chilled white wine was quaffed as Suman with a dedicated expression on her face got to work.



And before long, I was transformed. My longtime wish for curls had come true. It was an exciting moment. And if that was not enough pampering, we got a gift hamper each full of exciting Dove products.*

Selfies were taken and reactions were tweeted and compliments were exchanged with the team members with equally mesmerizing hairstyles and when we took our group photograph, the exuberance was quite evident.

The Dove Salon was truly the highlight of the event for me. Quite co-incidentally I had to attend three different events on consecutive days and I was excited to flaunt my new look on all those days.



We learnt to make cocktails from Pranav (one of tips was to not use more than 60ml (or was it 40) of spirits in a cocktail) who was also the judge of the bar tending competition This was held at the poolside and the burning totems of the J W Marriott added a mysterious ambience to the bar tending event.



After this we traipsed back to the ballroom where we tucked into tasty Indian and Continental fare which is what dinner was. A dance performance at this time had our feet tapping and then it was time for the Awards in which the winners were cheered lustily by all.

This was also the time to meet and put a face to blogger friends from other cities who were till then just virtual friends. Dove had in fact, as a special treat, fully sponsored the trips for the out of station bloggers. Laughing and chatting and catching up between morsels of tasty food was never more fun. The dance floor was then cleared for us pampered women to again let our hair down (literally and figuratively) as we danced to popular numbers.

As the evening (night?) came to a close, the thoughtful gesture on the part of the Indiblogger and Dove team was to provide transportation to those who needed it was appreciated by one and all.

THE BIG BANG (Team No.11)

THE BIG BANG (Team No.11)

The pampering did not end there. Perhaps the Universe got into the act too, because as soon as I got out of the hotel, I found an EMPTY autorickshaw standing outside and the driver AGREED to take me to my destination. How much better can a day get?

Once home, high heels off, the gift hamper was opened to reveal a plethora of goodies.  *A straightening iron and a Dove bejeweled pin were part of the goodies as was the most-needed one, if I was going to be making hairplay an important aspect of my life.

Huge bottles of Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Dove Intense Repair Conditioner.




The Keratin Actives in the shampoo and conditioner will protect my hair from any damage whether I curl my hair or straighten them because I know that just a coin-sized amount of Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner used on the hair after the regular shampoo makes my hair smooth and glossy. Just like a hair spa.

Thank you, #DovePlay, for a wonderful day of caring and pampering. A huge thank you, also for the hair care products that actually do what they say they will do because we know we can trust you to take care of our hair while we take on the world.

This post is part of #DovePlay, an event held by Indiblogger and Dove.


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3 thoughts on “Dove-Love and the Games People Played

  1. How fun. Sounds like you Indibloggers know how to get together and have a good time. I have enjoyed my introduction to your group through the A to Z challenge and am stopping by again on my road trip. Maria @ “”

  2. Such an interesting day and we’ll spent too. I enjoyed reading about it. You should have joined the #whattheblack contest.
    I am sure you would have won.
    Keep writing. Great to be in touch.

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