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“The Equals” needs your love and support, dear Reader

NEED  YOUR  LOVE AND SUPPORT,  DEAR  READER  (more details ahead)

Every writer keeps a journal because there is always some writing that is meant only for the writer’s eyes.

But there is also that writing which the writer sends out into the world with the unexpressed hope that it will be read by others and even help to make a difference in at least one reader’s life if not of many. There is of course no knowing whether it has achieved its aim unless the reader herself mentions it to the writer.

Sometimes the writing is read by a host of people who decide that the quality of the writing and the content merit more attention and perhaps even an award.

And so it is that one of my short stories has been shortlisted in the Indireads’ Second Short Story  Competition. It is among the Top Five stories selected in the Paranormal genre.

On Twitter, nvrao @dls2015 commented: “Liked the depiction of a futuristic world with the surprise at the end.” And Indireads tweeted: “A fascinating sci-fi tale from futuristic world – read ‘Equals’ by @soniaraowrites”.

 HERE is where I need your love and support. Please read the story and then if you like it, click on the little red heart at the end of the story. This will help to register your vote and the more votes I have greater the chance of me winning a top prize.

Today is  the last day, so do hurry up.

The Story, then:

Priyam Kumar, Inspector-in-charge of Dholpur CFJ (Centre for Justice) smiled into the cup-shaped receiver of the communication device when she heard Sheena of MoonCell Remand Centre say hello at the other end. A scowl settled on her face, though, when she remembered the reason for her call.

“Sheena, I’ve a juvenile here. 16 years old.”

“A juvie? I thought criminal activity in that category had ended three years ago. At least that’s what I read in the Mandala report just last week.”

“Perhaps the Khap-Anth Doctrine hasn’t sunk into the heads of all the young emms yet. And speaking of Khap-Anth… Read the rest here.


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2 thoughts on ““The Equals” needs your love and support, dear Reader

  1. madhmama on said:

    Nice job!

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