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How not to be afraid of taking a selfie: Garnier’s BB cream shows you how

It was a phone group of friends formed recently. Messages flew back and forth. And goodmornings and goodnights with pictures  were wished regularly.  But phones with cameras invoke the creativity of the owner of the phone. The dare came out of the blue. Post a selfie ‘as you are’. And the green inbox in the phone was filled with pictures of faces of these friends. But what is this? Dry, flaky skin.  Pigmentation. Uneven skin tone. All demonstrated in various degrees in the faces in the inbox. Why were we not taking care of our skin?

“No time” was the most common refrain. And it had nothing to do with the amount of time one spent on social media.

Taking care of the home. Taking care of the kids. Taking care of one’s own business. Running behind the hired help.  And in case they bunk, running to one’s work after finishing their portion of the chores too. And then running back home after work to take care of the never –ending duties. This is the routine of most women in India.

Dermatologists and skin–care specialists recommend the following routine for the ideal care of the skin:

CTM – Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising. Followed by sun-screen. And then make-up (optional) which includes a foundation to even out the skin tone followed by powder to set and mattify the foundation.

One gave a wry laugh because there was no time for this “self-pampering” when so much work remained to be completed.  There were days when even a proper cleansing seemed like a luxury one could not spend time on.

Only a miracle could give us the time to do our chores as well as take care of our skin in the best possible way.

And then Garnier introduced the Miracle Skin Perfector called BB Cream. This cream provides beauty benefits which are no less than a miracle.

Garnier's BB Cream

Garnier’s BB Cream


This is a time-saving cream which takes care of the moisturing, sun-protection and even the make-up part of the skin care.

  • Made mostly of natural products: Vitamin C and almond extract and minerals


  • Brightens the skin and evens out the skin tone and even minimizes the fine lines on the face.


  • Has a SPF of 24 and provides UVA/UVB protection.


  • Keeps the skin moisturized for 8 hours.


It sounded like a miraculous product when I first heard of it. And miracles can only be believed in when one sees it. So, when the small-sized tube came out of the box, I had my face all cleansed and toned, ready to see the magic work.

I took a small bit of it in my palm and applied it in dots all over my face, not missing the nose and the T-zone. And then I blended it well into my face especially around the edges.

I did not see much difference. Hah! Miracle indeed! It had sounded too good to be true. Well, there was not much time to ponder over it as I had to take care of sundry matters.

After a couple of hours I happened to pass a mirror and couldn’t help glancing into it ( yes, it is a habit. Sometimes, I even smile at the mirror). The patchy look I had noticed while I applied the cream had been replaced by a face that looked one colour all over. But more than that, there was a healthy sheen to the face. This made me smile. The miracle had worked. My time was saved and my skin was taken care of.

BB Cream did do what it said it would.

Now, only if the new government too does what it said it would do.


This post is part of the Indiblogger Garnier BB Cream Campaign.








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