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How To Write A Novel In 30 Days – 5

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A writer’s eye looks at things in a different way than a layperson’s would. Hence her head is full of ideas and it would take lifetimes to actually use them all in the writing. But sometimes, this faucet seems to be tightly closed. And try as they might, the writer is not able to wrench out a single word. This situation is fondly called, Writer’s Block. But this need not be a permanent state of being.

(If you are a writing your first novel, the first draft would mostly flow out. As is popularly said, everyone has atleast one story within them. Make the most of this beginner’s luck).


The most common reason for a block is not knowing enough about the subject you’re writing on. If it is fiction, then perhaps you are not completely clued in to your characters, their likes and dislikes and their propensities. Going deeper into their psyche could give you enough matter to break any blocks in your mind about them.

Yet another reason for the Block is not believing that you have a story to tell, especially when you read the books written by the writers whose writings you idolise.

But the fact is that if you felt within you a spark (to write a novel)that wanted to burn bright then that is a sure sign that your story is worth writing.

Sometimes the writer gets into the rut of misconception that every word that flows out of his pen into the page must be brilliant and final.  Every writer knows that words have to be written and then re-written a number of times before they flow and you know you’ve got the best words that will work for you story. This is VERY HARD WORK. So avoid the self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviour which prevent you from writing, and blaming ‘Writer’s Block’ for it.

Stop thinking about what the world will think of your story, whether they will like it or not, whether they will approve of it or not, whether they will still respect you after you write your story or not (hey, do you really need such people in your life?).


Just write the words that excite you, that want to be written by you.

Write like no-one is going to be reading what you have written.


A practical way out of the Block is by free writing. Set a timer for 15 minutes and write whatever comes to mind about a subject of your choice, perhaps the character who’s causing you distress or even your story. Write uninhibitedly and soon you might find gems that could give you a breakthrough.

 What are the methods you use to get over Writers Block?

 (Read How To Write A Novel In 30 Days – 1, 2, 3, and 4.


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6 thoughts on “How To Write A Novel In 30 Days – 5

  1. It’s something that I need. I’ve been trying to write a philmy fiction but suffering from block, a kind of tribute to Manmohan Desai brand of cinema, two brothers separated in childhood but but the funny one liners eluding me!!

    • Ah! this sounds like a fun story you’re working on, Vishal.

      May I make a few suggestions? Pls begin writing the story as you can see it happening inside your head.

      Also, brainstorm the scenes with your buddy. Perhaps interesting funny one liners might turn up there.

      In addition to that, keep a small notebook n pen/pencil handy wherever you go. Throw out an intention (to the Universe) that you are happy to accept funny conversations from wherever they come.

      Remain alert. Very soon you will begin to see the humour in unexpected situations. Just relax and allow them to come to you.

      Try it. It works.

      Looking forward to reading your book when it is published. Cheers 🙂

      • Hi Sonia, will try to do that!! Was watching Shaan on TV..I happened to twist and weave one liner. Will try writing in bit tomorrow. Thanks lot for the inputs:)

  2. Sonia, the visual prompt could also probably help, like putting up a picture of MMD and stills from his movies, to Nanda in last shot, at his death. I don’t know if remember but one year you put a visual prompt for a write in.

  3. Parwati, thanks for that!! I would like to discuss with you and no, I am unaware of that part. What do you suggest?

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