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LET MY HEART SPEAK – : My entry for the ‘Get Published’ contest

The Story

Soft-spoken, doe-eyed Smriti is so tender-hearted that even watching a slightly emotional movie makes her cry. So when the NGO she works for delegates her to meet with TJ to discuss the terms of his association with them, she is both elated and nervous.

TJ’s strength lies in his willpower and belief in justice and fairness towards all and it is this strength that has enabled him to transcend the disability in his right leg –  caused by an adverse reaction to a polio dose when he was a young boy – which he refuses to use as an excuse for any shortcoming.

Nervous Smriti and hard taskmaster TJ make for a disastrous first meeting and even though the meeting ends with both thinking they never want to see the other again, the project takes off. During the course of the project, their verbal sparring and fighting has everyone in splits and in no doubt at all about how crazy they are about each other.

Once Smriti realizes she loves TJ and he, her, she is determined not to let anything come in the way of their love and certainly not her parent’s objection about TJ’s physical disability.

But TJ hesitates to reveal to Smriti the existence of five-year-old Gina. He is her guardian, her loco parentis ever since she lost both her parents – his brother and brother’s wife – in a car accident, two years ago. TJ is afraid Smriti will not be able to accept Gina and life without Smriti’s love and presence will be hell for him.

What makes ‘Let My Heart Speak’ real:

Kindness in giving creates Love. Is Love only about finding the ‘One’? Does not Love mean accepting the ‘One’ with all their goods and the bads? Will Smriti and TJ’s love for each other help them to conquer their fears, be selfless and allow them to move forward bravely towards a happy future?

If you are keen for Smriti and TJ to make a go of things just because you are a huge romantic at heart, go, show love by clicking on the heart here:

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs fromYashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.


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