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3 important things your kids (and perhaps even you) didn’t know about Republic Day: My post on Mumbai Mom

As a nation we talk about patriotism and nationalistic fervour but we do not hesitate to club Republic Day, Independence Day and even Election Day with weekdays and enjoy an extended weekend holiday. So, we cannot blame the kids for their ignorance about such matters when their only exposure tends to be badly-taught Civics subject in school and  a detached viewing of the Republic Day Parade on TV.

Children have the delightful habit of asking questions most of which the adults find difficult to answer. Since it is Republic Day tomorrow we, at Mumbai Mom, have collated some interesting facts about the national festival which you can share with your children even if they are engrossed in their iPads (though some aspects can make delightful viewing on the iPad – check out the Original Calligraphed and Illuminated Version of the Constitution).

Here are the three important things about Republic Day:

  1. The difference between Republic Day and Independence Day

    The British had ruled over India for almost a hundred years (200 if you include the activities of the East India Company) before they finally handed over control to India on 15th August, 1947. Since this  is the day we got freedom from the British, 15th August is … (read the rest of the post here on Mumbai Mom).


Janmashtami and Lessons learned from Lord Krishna

Today is Janmashtami and as most of you must be aware, it is the birth celebrations of one of the rockstar deities of the pantheon of Hindu Gods aka Lord Krishna.

Krishna is a fascinating figure and adored and reviled (for apparently playing politics during the Great War) in equal measure.

It would be naive to think one can understand him in just one reading of his life and his exploits  but there are always lessons one can learn from the reading.

Come over to Mumbai Mom where my post, ‘Lord Krishna: 5 unsurprising reasons why he’s my idol’ is published.

A small excerpt is given below:

Dairy product junkie. Lover par excellence. Management guru. Aka Lord Krishna.

Why does Krishna ignite our imagination? Among the supposedly 33crore Hindu gods, Krishna has staked his claim as the rockstar of Hindu deitydom. Almost like a Global Idol.

Born in dire circumstances. Saved from sure death by being substituted with Ma Durga (in baby form) at birth.  Naughty child. The imparter of the ultimate spiritual wisdom.  His entire life is full of surprising lessons which we can imbibe to improve our own lives.

Dairy product junkie:

Young Krishna was a handful. Read the rest here.



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