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How NaNoWriMo can change your World

(Sreeja Harikrishnan loves rain and nature and painting and really hates to make a fuss. NaNoWriMo has made a huge difference in her life and here she tells us how).

Sometimes small things change your life, even if it doesn’t matter much to anybody else; it will give an invisible but all invasive quality to your life. The stars you gazed at silent nights when you were still at your teens, wondering how many other people will be watching the same stars, suddenly come to mind and asks, “Hey, do you know how many other people are reading your crazy scribbling?” That’s quite a question for a timid, not-so-confident person like me.

The end of October2011, most boring time, not because life was unhappy with you, but the unreasonable ennui that crept in—and so the small feature in The Hindu seemed like a world of fantasy. It was about NaNoWriMo that was about to begin on 1st November, the mad rush to write a novel of 50,000 words in a month. Simply speaking, today when I turn back, the world, in effect a virtual world and the friends I gained through Nanowrimo, are such a precious part of my life.

Throughout that November I was writing thousands of words daily, so when November went back to come again, I found myself with this irresistible habit of writing. That’s how I started the blog ‘’ I joined the blogging world just to have that happiness I got through writing, nothing more and nothing else. But it gained me a lot of friends who appreciate my humble poems. The biggest surprise came when my poetry got published in an e-magazine… and now two of them are coming in a printed anthology soon. Am I dreaming? Thanks NaNoWriMo, and thanks to our dear ML out there. The me who writes hails from that realm. The incredible feeling that you get while writing on those Novembers with your Wrimo friends, is something that can never be substituted with anything else.

English, Hindi and Malayalam were just a medium for reading novels and articles for me (apart from communicating). But when I began writing, the wonderful aspects of a language, the way it can do wonders in spreading ideas; the way each word wraps in meanings; the way even a comma can change meanings, filled me with a different perspective.

Writing gave me confidence. It’s been eight years since I completed my studies, but never tried for a job seriously. I was so much absorbed in my family that the outer world never mattered for me. But now I think in a different way, maybe that’s why I tried for a job, to have the experience with the outer world, to go out alone. Thanks to that confidence, today I am a copy editor, have some good friends and moreover have a special corner, where I am just the ‘me’ without any designation, just the ‘me’.

When you are really in love with writing, it changes the way you think. It makes you think without prejudices, and think most sensibly. You wonder if the world too can be changed to a better way. Ah now that’s something too farfetched!

I thank NaNoWriMo for the way it is spreading the habit of writing, because small things matter and it can be a beginning to better things.

Drops drops just drops, words

                                    The pond’s filled, insights

                          Flow flow and flow, ocean



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