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False Ceilings by Amit Sharma – A Review

Hello friends *waves*

I know I’ve been terribly incommunicado in the last few months. But things are all set to change (you must have noticed one post a day happening since the last two days, hehehe) and a lot of nice, new stuff to read is going to be available in this space.

Stay with me, my dear readers. I begin with a new section that I have so far stayed away from till now. Yes, I’m talking of book reviews. I plan to post one book review a week (though you might see more than one in this week – the backlog is higher than my own height). You will be able to find them if you click on the Book Review category in the cloud on the right side of this page.

I begin with the review I did of False Ceilings, an interesting novel by Amit Sharma:


In the ‘70s, false ceilings were all the rage for living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms. They were especially popular with the film fraternity and filthy-rich industrialists. Intricately carved designs on the moldings and vivid combinations of colours made for an attractive façade but behind all that lurked a certain rot. Broken and smashed in by Income tax officers, the false ceilings laid bare the putrefaction they shielded, the decadence of black money in the form of currency notes, stuffed behind them.

This duplexity of splendour and squalor finds evocative portrayal in the cover of Amit Sharma’s debut novel, “False Ceilings” even as the READ THE REST OF THE REVIEW HERE.



‘In the Body of the World’ by Eve Ensler – Book Review

(This book review  is part of the Anniversary Issue of The Four Quarters Magazine).

“If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred,” declared Walt Whitman.

Gloria Steinem, in the preface to The Vagina Monologues wishes, “my own foremothers had known their bodies were sacred.”

“I was burning and nauseous and feverish and weak. I was of the body, in the body. I was body.
Body. Body. Body.” – Eve Ensler, In The Body of the World.

‘In the Body of the World’ is a no holds barred account by Eve Ensler of her battle not just with cancer but also the demons of her childhood sexual and physical abuse by her father. Ensler also tells of the deep emptiness she felt within herself that was caused by her mother’s silence and unwillingness to protect her from that abuse. This multi-dimensional book weaves into an untraditional tapestry, the warp of her battle with cancer with the weft of her tumultuous relationship with her mother. That she gained victory over her illness and survived to tell her story is aptly proved by the elegant, golden ‘V’ on the cover of the book.  That she continued to crave the love of her mother but never got it, is also ironically proved by the waiting arms of the ‘V’ which she never felt go around herself.

Entwined with the stories of illness and abuse is yet another story Ensler tells of the time Read the rest here

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