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Spunkiness and Funkiness galore

If the name ‘SPUNKYFUNKYME’ does not grab you then the blogposts sporting short bursts of flash fiction surely will. And why should they not, especially when they have been bestowed with ‘WOW’ badges by

SPUNKYFUNKYME is Lucille Pereira and her spunkiness and funkiness is reflected in her writings. Her joie de vivre is apparent in the way she describes herself: crazy. lazy. enthusiastic. vivacious. yoga lover. animal lover. coffee addict. powerpoint psycho. nature freak. music geek. moody. stubborn. DIY lover. dreamer. font crazy. indoor dancer. bathroom singer. pop psychologist. psuedo designer. writer.

Her sense of fun carries over in the names given to the Categories under which the posts are collated: Bloggers Park, Heart-to-Heart, Mumbai Mania, This Happens Only In India and Adventure.

Being a hearty Mumbaikar, my attention is first drawn to the Mumbai Mania and then Heart to Heart. Okay, actually the other way round. I am an incurable romantic, that way. And I am not disappointed.  The Hues of Romance warms all the cockles of my heart while Have You Ever Wondered makes me ponder.

Can one be called a true Mumbaikar if they have never commuted by the local train? SPUNKYFUNKYME admits, “ I am enamored by local trains and all that goes on within the dabbas….and let’s not get started on  my shopping in the train… clips, earrings, horrible prawns, fruits & vegetables (yes, yes I’m a ‘train-shopping junkie, and Rs. 10 shopping fascinates me!).”

And then there’s an unexpected encounter in the train which you don’t want to miss:

Yet another category that’s worth a dekko is This Happens Only In India. SPUNKYFUNKYME holds back neither her emotions nor her words as she gives vent to her opinions on terrorism and on honouring ‘real’ heroes, besides other such topics.

Blogger’s Park gives us book reviews and stories of spunkyfunkyme’s experiences at Blogger meets while the Adventure series reveals to the reader SPUNKYFUNKYME’s trekker avatar through her tales of myriad treks.


(Pic courtesy: spunkyfunkyme)

And it has been a happy adventure for me too, as I have traipsed through the well-designed, easy-on-the-eye blog, taking in the different impressions and seeing SPUNKYFUNKYME’s blogging journey of 5 years.

This was supposed to be a Christmas gift for SPUNKYFUNKYME (me being a secret blog elf and this review being a surprise gift for her and the sweet gesture orchestrated by the inimitable Vinita Bahl and Janaki Nagaraj of Indiblogeshwaris) but like it is with all gifts that come from the heart, the giver is the one who feels happier.

Though the posts seem to have been put on a backburner while SPUNKYFUNKYME gets more active on Twitter,  the blog is definitely worth a visit.


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13 thoughts on “Spunkiness and Funkiness galore

  1. the name surely attracts me…but what I was more attracted to after reading it here was Mumbai Mania…wonderful review…great job elf 🙂

  2. Your review is well researched and thorough. You’ve managed to give a real feel of the blog you are reviewing which not many other reviewers could manage to do as well. I am now eager to read the blogs… hers and yours.

    I read the review Chatty Wren has written for you and I’ve bookmarked your blog. I hope to learn a lot from you.

    Good job done secret elf! Merry Christmas!

    • Your words made my day, Dagny. Thanks so much for the fine appreciation. I aim to ensure you are not disappointed whenever you visit here. *now hurrying over to Chatty Wren’s to say gracias*


  3. Lucille is the spunky, funky self in real life too. Wonderful review Sonia…and thanks for the mention.

  4. Oh my god, I knew I was gonna be reviewed… but this.. i did not expect! One of the rare moments when I am at a loss for words! This is the best Christmas gift I’ve received Sonia… thank you so much for encapsulating the essence of my blog in your review and making me wanna break into a jig at 4 am in the morning! 😀

    I love everything you’ve written about me… and yes, I am guilty as charged. There are a million topics I’m dying to blog about.. (esp my DIY projects / and a foodie review that includes an old monk chicken roll 😉 but a 3 month project has kept me super busy! I will get back to my bechara neglected blog sooonnnnn… :*

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  5. Thank you Karan, and yes, I do think my secret elf did a fab job and has made me very very happyyyy 😀

    Dagny, I completely agree with you 🙂

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